Rent A Rower

Need a helping hand? Let us help!

Rent a Rower







The “Rent a Rower” program is a way for us to raise necessary funds while helping members of our community. Rent a rowers provide our team members the ability to “work” their dues so they can participate without the financial burden of out of pocket costs. Every dollar goes straight back to our program to help us purchase equipment and travel.

We charge a minimum of $20/per per rower, with a two rower for 2 hour cost minimum ($80).

If you are interested in scheduling a rent a rower please contact our Vice President at or click the button below. Just a reminder, we are student athletes and our academics come first and we may not be available when school is not in session. Our availability is the highest on weekends and evenings. All jobs are scheduled by first come first serve. We reserve the right to refuse service.   

Jobs that our rowers have done previously include but are not limited to: landscaping, moving, painting, cleaning gutters, moving firewood, digging up stumps, and much more. Thank you for considering hiring us!